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'The Creek', Coon Creek Junction, Minnesota DVD

Coon Creek Junction sits in the northern Minneapolis suburb of Coon Rapids, Minnesota. This spot offers an awesome display of railroading any railfan will enjoy!

Coon Creek is a point where the Burlington Northern   ....

$19.95   Purchase From Railwayshop   DVD  

6325 Return To Steam DVD

Former Grand Trunk Western 4-8-4 is restored to operating condition for owner Ohio Central in the fall of 2001. This video features two of the test runs in September, and 3 fall excursions including the first and last   ....

$29.95   Purchase From Railwayshop   DVD  

73 - World's Scenic Railway DVD DVD

3 Programs on one DVD!

Enjoy three spectacular White Pass & Yukon feature programs in the eye-popping sharpness of DVD. Ride with the engineer in Engineer's Point of View to experience the thrill of this railroad   ....

$24.95   Purchase From Railwayshop   DVD  

A Cab Ride Over Donner Pass DVD

California’s Sierra Nevada Mountain range is legendary for its rich history of gold discovery, pioneers and settlers. It remains a rugged and challenging landscape where railroading has survived fierce winter storms for   ....

$54.95   Purchase From Railwayshop   DVD  

A Freight Train In The Rockies DVD

What's better than a passenger train trip chasing you? Well how about a second trip up the mountain, but this time engine #484 (a 2-8-2) pulls a freight train of 10 cars and caboose. This is maximum tonnage for this   ....

$24.95   Purchase From Railwayshop   DVD  

A Passenger Train In The Rockies DVD

Take a unique journey on the rails of the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad in the Rocky Mountains, as we view a steam passenger train from in front of the train. Through special arrangements with the railroad we   ....

$24.95   Purchase From Railwayshop   DVD  

A Salute to Conrail DVD

A fond farewell to Big Blue. All new footage of an old favorite as it goes into merger. Exciting snow scenes on Charlton Hill (see if you can spot the snowmobile being buried), 80MAC's and C30's on Washington Hill, the   ....

$29.95   Purchase From Railwayshop   DVD  

A Salute to the Warbonnet DVD

A tribute to the best loved paint scheme in America, the classic red and silver Santa Fe "warbonnet" passenger paint scheme, resurected in 1989 and applied to freight locomotives for fast intermodal service. We take a   ....

$35.95   Purchase From Railwayshop   DVD  

A Tribute To The SOO Line DVD

If you are a fan of the Soo Line, you'll love this video! Since the Canadian Pacific Railway took over the Soo Line in the early 1990's, it has become a rare sight to see Soo Line locomotives leading trains, especially   ....

$19.95   Purchase From Railwayshop   DVD  

Along The Feather River DVD

Nine days of charging up and down the Canyon went into this tape, they weren't running many trains! Sometimes it was hard to tell just who the railroad belonged to, BNSF has trackage rights and sent everything they had,   ....

$35.95   Purchase From Railwayshop   DVD  


This trip was the fulfillment of a long time personal ambition. We started at the yard at North Vancouver with a rebuilt RS18 and worked our way along the main line to Prince George. We got a brief look at the Royal   ....

$35.95   Purchase From Railwayshop   DVD  

Beyond Hope DVD

(Along the Thompson and Fraser River) I'd wanted to shoot the Thompson & Fraser Rivers once I saw the CTC Board article in the August 1988 issue, it took nine years but it was worth the wait. Stunning scenery, two   ....

$35.95   Purchase From Railwayshop   DVD  

Big Steam's Last Stand DVD

Winter on Jingpeng Pass. China's Jitong Railway is the last big steam hauled main line in the world, with double headed QJ 2-10-2's taking trains over Jingpeng Pass. We visited Jingpeng Pass in Mongolia in February,   ....

$35.95   Purchase From Railwayshop   DVD  

Blackpool's Trams DVD

Blackpool was the first town in Great Britain to have an electric tramway, opening in 1897. Trams still run in Blackpool today on the same basic route it all started on, along the coast to Fleetwood. See and ride the   ....

$35.95   Purchase From Railwayshop   DVD  

BNSF Crossing The Cornbelt Vol 2 DVD

A Revisit To The Marshall Subdivision - We had such a wonderful time documenting this line, we wanted to do it again! In this video, C. Vision revisits the Marshall Subdivision, this time starting in Sioux City, Iowa,   ....

$24.95   Purchase From Railwayshop   DVD  

Bnsf Crossing The Cornbelt Volume 1 DVD

The Marshall Subdivision - If you crave variety, this tape has it! The Marshall Subdivision of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe runs from Willmar, Minnesota, to Sioux City, Iowa. This line runs through the rich farmlands   ....

$24.95   Purchase From Railwayshop   DVD  

BNSF's Trinchera Pass DVD

Trinchera Pass is on BNSF's Twin Peaks sub, and runs between Trinidad, Colorado and Texline, Texas, crossing New Mexico. The line is due to start directional running in July, so we paid a visit before it happens.The line   ....

$35.95   Purchase From Railwayshop   DVD  

Boston and Maine Volume 1 DVD

Ride the head end of a mainline passenger train from South Acton to the bumping post in North Station. Step off the power and watch the rush hour parade of steam and diesel commuters. Then we ride the head end on the   ....

$29.95   Purchase From Railwayshop   DVD  

Bridge Line Division - CP Rail's D&H DVD

Over a year in the making, we cover the old Susquehanna Division between Mohawk Yard & Binghamton, you'll see most of the famous locations, including Richmondville Hill, Delanson, Ninevah, Harpursville and Belden Hill.   ....

$29.95   Purchase From Railwayshop   DVD  

Buffalo and Pittsburgh DVD

The B&P runs between its namesake cities using orange SD45s for power. Hauling coal and manifest traffic through the scenic hills and valleys of Pennsylvania and New York, these ex SP monsters put on a great show. Taped   ....

$29.95   Purchase From Railwayshop   DVD  

C420-Alcos On The Apache And Arkansas & Missouri DVD

One of our favorite locomotice builders is the American Locomotive Company of Schenectady, New York, and our favorite Alco is the Century 420. Two railroads roster fleets of C420s, Arizona's Apache, and Arkansas'   ....

$24.95   Purchase From Railwayshop   DVD  

Canada's Canyon Route DVD

This video features portions of the famous Fraser and Thompson River Canyons in British Columbia. The most natural route through this region to access Vancouver and complete the transcontinental routes was through these   ....

$29.95   Purchase From Railwayshop   DVD  

Canadian Pacific Heart of the Rockies DVD

This video was awarded the "Canadian Rockies Railroad Museum Award for Outstanding Achievement in Railroad Video". Canadian Pacific in the heart of Canada's spectacular Rocky Mountains, between Field, BC and Exshaw, AB.   ....

$35.95   Purchase From Railwayshop   DVD  

Canadian Pacific Lines Unseen Footage, Volume 1 DVD

C. Vision's Cameras constantly travel throughout the Midwest capturing images of exciting railroad action, and occasionally, we end up with more footage than the original show allows. In this presentation, we showcase   ....

$19.95   Purchase From Railwayshop   DVD  

Chicago & North Western The Cowboy Lines Vol 2, 'Remembering The Cowboy' DVD

C. Vision brings you the final chapter of the Chicago and North Western's operations of its Western Division before its merging into the Union Pacific Railroad on April 25, 1995. This video will show you some of the rare   ....

$24.95   Purchase From Railwayshop   DVD  

Chicago & North Western's Western Division 'The Cowboy Lines' DVD

Experience a part of history as you watch the Chicago & North Western operating on its west end lines before certain sections were abandoned and the Union Pacific Railroad took over. You will see historic footage of the   ....

$24.95   Purchase From Railwayshop   DVD  

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